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Guy 1 - When I first met this guy I asked him if maybe we can have a drink together sometime and he replied by putting his head down, smiling and then he looked at me and said, "I'd love to". Another time he was doing an interview with a girl. They were sitting on a sofa but he kept looking over at me and even one time during it when he looked over at me, he looked me up and down and then smiled at me before looking away. After he looked away I saw a girl giving me evil looks. Me and my friend then went into another room to have some tea in a small group. When we were sat at the table, me and this guy were three seats apart. I then saw him leaning out on his chair looking at me and I done the same thing at the same time. I turned around to see if it was me he was looking at but everyone else was talking to other people. I was standing not too far away from him at another time and I nearly fell but he was talking to a group of people and then as I was falling, I fell into someone's arms and it was him. He ran and caught me when I was falling. We then looked into each other's eyes and smiled at each other. Guy 2 - The first time I met him he asked me to stay for a drink which I did. I went to the bar and made a few friends and when I was talking to them, he then came over to me and said to the girls that I was talking to that I am a nice girl while he had his arm around my waist and smiled at me. I asked him for a high five and he did but he folded his fingers over mine while staring into my eyes. He asked me how I was getting home and as he was lending his friends his car for the night he asked them could they drive me back to where I was staying. He also bought me a drink and we have a good laugh together whenever we meet up. Which guy should I choose?
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  • I didn't read what you posted. Because it really doesn't matter. If you look deep inside your gut is going to tell you which one you want to try and have a relationship with. You need to go with that one. I have learned to always trust my gut in everything EXCEPT for investing. I have lost money on every single investment I have ever done lol *sigh...
    For instance. after my divorce 15 months ago I tried to date for 2 months. I went through a lot of women but never felt anything for any of them. I did learn a lot about the dating process. Something I never did much of when I was young. I stopped because I knew I wasn't ready. I tried again in August, I was closer but the woman wasn't right. when I finally knew I was ready in November I still waited til December.
    I sent out emails on POF and started chatting with 2 women. I had such a strong feeling about one of them. I held off meeting the 2nd one because I wont' date 2 people at once. But unfortunately we could never find a day to meet and I stopped hearing from that first woman. I started dating the 2nd in January. I tried to break up with that one after the first week and 2nd week but she talked me out of it. Then I thought maybe it was me. All these women and , even though I had sex with several, just never connected. Then out of the blue I got a text from the 1st one from December. We just chatted 2 nights in a row. seemed like she was lonely and feeling down. but she asked if I had any questions for her and I said "no, i asked you out, you decided not to go out with me. I will chat with you but don't need to know anything". then I didn't hear from her again. but I couldn't stop thinking about her. about a week later I finally broke up with the January woman. That was a relief. Since I had nothing to loose about 2hrs later I texted that one from Dec. We had a date 2 days later. I am madly in love with her. after our 2nd date I told my sister that if she doesn't dump me, I will marry this girl.

    • so my gut was right. There was somthing different about this woman. within 10 min of meeting her my walls were down. When I look at her I see the most beautiful model in the world. I want to show her off to the world. So we are coming up on 2 months together.

      just follow your gut.

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  • I didn't read either but guess go with the second guy because if you liked the first guy you wouldn't have to choose


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  • Guy 1 for sure. The cool nod of acceptance, catching you when you're falling, looking into your eyes... This guy sounds like the guy for you


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