NOT A PLAYER: If you are not exclusive with anyone, how many girls/guys do you think is appropriate to talk to at one time?

Basically, for you, how many people is too much? Right now I'm at 5 and I find it to be exhausting some days. I really would like to know. I'm not a player or anything, I just appreciate these women in different ways and none have indicated that they want a relationship. In the grand scheme of things I know I have to choose one. I just want some perspective.


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  • I'll go with out with several guys in the early stages, but I try to cut it down to 2-3 guys as soon as possible and narrow it down to the guys I really like. More than that is too much to balance, and I think it's harder to build a special connection with someone when your attention is so divided. I also won't sleep with more than one guy at the same time.


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  • As many as you want. I prefer not to be exhausted, personally, so I float around 3.


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  • Um talk to at once? As many as you want

    Go on dates or hang out? 6 or 7 until you have that "I want to be serious/ exclusive" talk

    Sleep with? 1 at a time, or 2 if they know about each other and are alright with that

    But you can talk to as many people as you want I think. Who cares who you talk to if it's platonic or you aren't going to go anywhere romantically?


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