Should I tell him I like him?

I like this guy I work with... (already thought about the whole not dating co-workers)... but anyways... I really like him and he gives me a lot of hints but he's a shy guy, I can tell, but he likes to put on the "bad boy" disguise. Our mutual friend and co-worker was talking to him the other day and she was talking about how his dip he brought for food day is delicious, and he proceeded to tell her how he makes it... which she said "That's why (my name) likes you so much" I guess his reaction was a mixture of a smile, nervousness, curious, and extremely shy, he asked "Just my dip?" lol, (I do love his dip by the way, it's delicious) my friend didn't know how to answer as he just stared at her big eyed waiting for a reply... he was going to ask more but another co-worker walked in and conversation ended... he tried initiating the "dip" conversation again the next day, but too many people around... my friend told me the story... and I found it interesting... haha... I don't know... I feel like I should tell him something, or let her tell him I like him, and clarify it for him. He did come in after the first conversation with her, and was super hyper, and saying the most random things... I knew why... since she had texted me right after it happened, I thought it was adorable.


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  • I didn't read the whole thing at all but I already have your answer. The answer is: Say "Fuck it!" and follow your heart. I might be only 15 but this doesn't effect validity of my words. Maybe its reliability but not the validity. Mind that!


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