How many of you have had success with long-distance relationships?

I like this girl but she lives really really far from me. I want to get closer to her and I would travel to where she lives to see her or maybe I would fly her out here for the summer or permanently if things worked out between us but I think I'm moving too fast. Anyway she says it can't work between us because of the distance but wtf am I suppose to do?!? Do you know how hard it is for me to to look away?!? Once I'm on someone it's hard look away unless that person is not attracted to me... Anyway maybe i should just slow down and take my time and try to change her mind or maybe I should just give it up. To be honest I have gave it up a little but but she still runs through my mind everytime I'm alone... Man does anyone have any advice or happy endings with long distance relationships?

How many of you have had success with long-distance relationships?

How many of you have had success with long-distance relationships?

Oh an stop pming me asking who the girl is because I'm not telling, I'm already putting myself in danger just for posting this topic, she might see it and avoid me
Nvm to this question, things won't work out, that guy was right, I should just abandon ship, It's overwith 👌


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  • I'm. engaged to the guy I'm long distance with for another year.
    He used to live near me and stuff happens. But he had to go up to be with his mom and her health.

    We've been long distance almost a year now, together for 2.
    It can work, but it's really hard. So so worth it for the right person though. Just talk as much as yoi can, include each other in your life. And visit often. Visits really keep it alive.

    Good luck:)

    • Feeling like I'm gonna need a miracle but thanks, maybe I should ask her to hang out with me in the summer or something before I scream relationship to her, I don't mind visiting her or flying her here, that's jf she wants to maybe...

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  • I HATE long distance relationships, i feel like I'm trapped, i can't move freely in that kind of relationship, and it causes you hurt, so leave it, forget about it

    • Damn bro lol do you know how hard it is for me to look away? When I like a girl this much it's like sigh cutting my arm off to stop talking to her unless she tells me to get lost... What happened in your situation if I may ask? Did you two at least visit each other?

    • Dude i know it's hard but I've FORCED myself to forget her

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  • I tried twice and it didn't work out for me :(

    • Was any of you willing to travel to one another?

    • Yes but it was just hard that we wouln't see eachother often enough.

  • This person has! Give this a quick read for some insp and advice!
    https: / / humans. media/how-to-survive-a-ldr?_ga=2.30025466.478161030.1524353343-1212543215.1524353343


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  • Some success yes. Come back to me in a few years and I will give a full answer.

    • I doubt I'll be here in a few years and I doubt I'll be going through this, infact I don't even think I can get the girl anynore... But why not explain now?

    • Because it's not over pal. And hey this site can be pretty cool if you befriend the right people. Stick around man.

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