Do some guys really ignore you when they have a crush on you?

So this boy and I got super close very quickly. I told him I liked him kinda and he told me he liked my friend. We continued being friends and I helped him try and get my friend. Summer goes by and back at school we were still super close. He would call me over to his locker, chat online for hours, and joke with me. Suddenly though, he started completely ignoring me ecen though I never said anything bad and nothing changed. He is a little shy but not really once we became best friends. I puzzled over why he would suddenly cut me off completely. Could he have finally developed a crush on me? Help I'm very confused.


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  • Typically speaking, no.


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  • yeah it's a tactic to make u chase them back basically...;-)

    • Lol i did the I opposite I told him he was being a bad friend and we haven't talked since but we make eye contact on the halls

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