Does this mean he's bored with me?

We are both 30 and have been dating for 8 months. He's good to me and I want to make it clear that I know that if he didn't want to be with me, then he wouldn't be - this isn't one of those types of questions :)

This is just something that makes me a little sad so I was hoping to get some input. We spend lots of time together and he says he loves being with me. He's also the quiet type so we don't chat lots but that's ok - comfortable companionship I guess. The thing is that he plays online video games regularly i.e. Those multi player games you play with random people over the internet. THEN he's very animated and talkative with his online buddies - talks about movies, tv shows, fishing whatever.

I guess my question is whether this means he's bored when with me? I've asked him before and he says no but he seems like it. Why is he so chatty with his buddies but barely has anything to say to me? I can happily chat about movies or shows or anything but he doesn't really get into that with me as enthusiastically as he does with his friends. And yes I know guys act differently with their buddies then they do with their girlfriends but it just makes me sad when I hear him having so much fun with other people vs how he is with me.


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  • Do you have any shared interests? It sounds to me like he has those with his buddies (and also that he's known them a long time) so he loves talking to them about it, but there are no topics you yet share that he can talk to like that with yet.

    • He has known them longer - he says he's been playing games with them for years. And I would love to share things with him except his hobby is basically playing video games. No joke. We have been togerher 8 months and basically spend 6 out of 7 days a week together and all he does is work and play video games. When he's not playing then he spend time with me watching tv or movies. That's about it. I would love to chat about tv or movies with him but he doesn't get as animated as he does with his online friends.

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    • You should work on getting out and doing stuff - you need to share new experiences together as a couple.

    • I agree with you ^^

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  • No, but those games are addictive and I've seen a relationship with between a 29-year old guy and a 24-year old girl end because of ElfQuest or whatever the fuck that MMORPG was. In fact, it ruined my relationship with him too because I went over to their place and he and two friends were just constantly on their computers playing those stupid games. I finally stopped going back there and moved on in my life as did his GF.

    You have my sympathies but what pisses me off is, "My God, grow the fuck up dude and stop wasting your life with these games!!"

    • Well this isn't really about his gaming habits. It doesn't bother me. This is more just me worrying that the difference in his behaviour is because he doesn't have fun with me.

    • Well, he isn't having fun with you and he can't be bothered because he is ADDICTED to playing those games. It isn't you personally because your BF is cheating on you - just not with another girl, but with a video game. There are websites for such women. For instance:

      You are not alone. by the way, it was EverQuest that caused that breakup of my friends.

    • Thank you for your opinion and your concern about his gaming habits. Fortunately I am not your friends and have no intention of breaking up with him over this. But I appreciate that many women do.

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  • Try spicing thing up if you're worried.


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