Girl says she has the perfect man. Does that mean she found the guy she wants to be with forever?

I know some girls on Facebook who say they are looking forward to sleeping with the perfect man. Wondering about that.


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  • There is no perfect man or woman. People who go into a relationship thinking they've got the perfect mate will have a rude awakening. I guess if they're having a one night stand they can believe the person to be perfect for the night.


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  • Yes it means she found the guy she wants to be with forever. She is looking forward to taking his schlong.

    Too bad people fail to realize how long "forever" actually is.

    • It's weird, I know one girl who claims this on Facebook but keeps denying she wants to be with him forever when I chat with her personally?

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    • She changed her mind after feeling the schlong.

    • Is it true that women don't usually know right away if the guy is for them but guys usually know right away if they found the one?

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  • When I hear a girl say she found the perfect man, I think she either found herself a real man who could take charge, or guy to be her bitch.


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