I made the first move and got rejected. He says he's "broke." Should I move on?

Um, I'm really confused but this guy I've been seeing for a little over a month has clearly shown an interest in me, we went on some dates, we've made out multiple times, continue keeping in contact, etc. We're both in our 20s. However, we've never made anything official since we've both been busy and haven't had much time to get to know each other more, so after about a week of not talking to each other, I decided to take initiative and just straight out text him asking him out on a date but he quickly then replies saying he would like to but he "can't afford" to right now followed by a sad face emoji. I am not asking him to take me out for caviar dinner. At this point, I am officially done with him unless he proves himself, but what does this mean? Why would he pass up the chance to hang out with me when he's been very expressive about how he feels about me, hell, he was the one who wouldn't stop kissing me first the times we'd go out. But I feel like even if he was broke, why couldn't he have entertained the idea of just hanging out, like even if money was an issue, we could have worked around it and done something that wasn't costly but rather he just shot me down automatically. Should I move on? I haven't been "talking" to other guys ever since I met him because I thought I really saw something. Can anyone help me out?
Edit: I've paid for dinner and misc. things multiple times before, he's also paid for things when we'd go out.


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  • Well first, on behalf of all men we wish more women were like you :) Most women expect to go out frequently, and of course EXPECT the man to pay for it. A lot of men get the idea that if they can't afford to take the woman out and pay they are not a man. He as had far to many of these experiences.

    Just tell him you understand and you don't care about going out as much, you just want to see him hang out. Maybe you can take turns cooking for each other, or simply hanging out more as you suggested. Tell him what you told us that going out isn't THAT important to you and you want to spend time with HIM, even if you are just hanging out most of the time. Trust me he will love you for it! It is a clear sign that you love him for him and you are not a gold digger (as FAR too many women are).

    If you tell him this and he is still not interested then yes, you should consider moving on.


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  • Seems like he's expecting to pay for you and since he can't, he doesn't want to go on a "date". If you want, you could propose to pay for the first dinner.


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  • Weeellllll, tell him that. Tell him something like "it's okay. we'll just cook food or something as long as we are together."
    Show him you want HIM, not the fancy dates. Even if it's walk around downtown to fill the stomach with free food, do it.


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  • If a guy is interested in you he will find a way to see you or go out on a date with you. Kind of sounds like he's not very interested. Consider it his loss and move on. ;)


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