How do I get what I want?

OK so I'm like an inch taller than my new bf.We have been together since Monday and we are in high school he asked me out because my friend told him ii liked him.

he hasn't asked me to kiss him is it because he is scared or that he kissed my best friend and isn't sure. I'm really confused.

He said he loved me but hasn't asked for a kiss.

this will be my 1st kiss in a year its been a while but is he scared.

his birthday is also coming up what should I get him


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  • He is probably nervous and doesn't know if you want him to kiss you. You can make the first move and he'd probably like that. I always like a confident girl. Or you could start with giving him a kiss on the cheek, a hug that lasts a little longer, or look into his eyes for a while. Those are all pretty good indicators that you want a kiss.

    And since his birthday is coming up, a little kiss would be a great present ;)

    • I agree with him.

      when you look at him bite your bottom lip and keep eye contact.

      thats a give a way that you wanna kiss.

  • just kiss him already.

    you might be rusty but you'll improve with time.

    wait. what? he kissed your friend?

    • Yea he kissed her and they don't even talk

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    • Ask him if he want a kiss for his birthday and present the "kisses chocolate."

      after eating the chocolate kiss him with you lips.

    • It doesnt

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