Is twice a week too much?

I'm dating a girl at the moment but we are not boy friend and girl friend yet, is twice a week too much?

Thanks for reply helpers, not twice a week of sex, she is not even my girlfriend, but I'm just dating her in progress..., I haven't gone that far yet, anyway, I know I enjoy her company, how do I know if she enjoys my company? I know it needs balance..sos
And what I mean by twice a week, is like we go to cafes, have a chat, shopping together, movies etc...or a walk on the street...thank you!


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  • If you've only been on one or two dates it may be but if you both enjoy each others company and find one another’s presence soothing, why not?

    Life is short so make every day count.

    MY opinion, not yours.


  • what exactly do you mean twice a week?

    you two have sex twice a week?