How do I move on from him?

Since the beginning of the school year I've had a crush on him. I've tried to move on from him but I can't. I heard him telling someone else that he liked me and they told me, and he seems to be waiting for me to approach or talk to him. But I'm also not sure because it's been a long time. I'm waiting for him to talk to me but he won't, and I'm too scared to talk to him because I'm afraid he's stopped liking me. I've never liked anyone this much before, maybe it's because I feel like he feels the same way, it feels like I can't move on. Any advice? Thank you for reading.


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  • Just tell him lol otherwise it'll be stuck in your head and you won't be able to move on. If he likes you back, great! If not then you'll be able to move on faster because you won't be stuck with the what ifs.

    • Just tell him flat out I like him when I haven't talked to him in like months

    • Try talking to him casually first

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