Was I wrong to accuse my girlfriend of cheating?

she's an ex now but she was madly in love with me was just shy and kind of immature at the time. No way she was focused on anyone else. But at the time she was acting distant and I guess I was to. She told me about a guy hitting on her at work. She had a work party that she invited me to. The day of she said you don't have to go like three times.. I insisted and went. I was about to leave I called her no answer.. another call 30m later no answer.. I immediately assumed thw worst and prepared myself.. then i boticed this guy at her work was her bestfriend on an app called snapchat.. where you send pixtures back and fourth. Its notorious for sexting but can be used innocently too. I've been cheated on before when I was in the military. It's not a matter of me not being good enough it's a matter of I can't be there to satisfy her emotionally because we could only see each other twice a month.

I got there with a friend because I knew if I saw somwthing I would lose it and I'm not trying to get arrested. I pulled her aside asked her she showed me the her recent calls she got nothing.. she just sent me a message through snapchat like 10 minutes before that saying come already I'm bored. I didn't get it didn't have wifi or data at the time. She got offended but assured me that night I would never betray her. Till this day I don't know if she was testing to see if I even cared about her. Little head games. Could of deleted those calls. But was this irrational for me responding like this? I just got in the heat of the moment of me being cheated on in the past and I even explained all this to her.
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Should I mention that she has a premiscuois past and when I met her she even called herself a whore..


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  • First someone's past doesn't define who they are! That is her past so you should leave it there. Second yes I believe you acted irrational. You had no proof, you just assumed and lashed out


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  • Actually you should never just assume and accuse anyone if cheating when you don't have any proof... that will always make you a bad person.
    So ya know have been cheated on before but that does not mean she would do it too...

    So have you broken up? Why?


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  • You can't generalise everyone. People are different just bc one did it, dosent mean the next will.


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  • A little bit but I don't blame you cause of your past and plus snap chat is lame.


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