Guying family gifts only dating a few months? Is she crazy?

Ok so let me get this straight I'm in a relationship with my boy 3 years

his younger brother has had 3 girls since then and jumps from girl to girl after he gets bored . I'm normally a great judge of character being a girl myself I can always read them why they are doing things I like to be able to relate to them . I've got along with his las Girfriend very well . But she told me he was cheating with this new girl and now by boyfriends younger brother is dating the new girl ! a few months . !
She also lied to his ex Girfriend saying they where just friends so baaically she ruined the relationship !

so I didn't want to hold that agonist the new girl and got talking to her ! She embarrassed Me christimas buying gifts for everyone accept me . I thought that she just wanted to be accepted so I just ignore it .

Mother's Day bought flowers for my boyfriends mam and they are only dating a few months isn't that werid ! Are you only suppose to do that when your married ?

Many boyfriends perents anniversary bought balloons and flowers .

My boyfriend birthday she bought balloons and a cake ! And I got embarrassed because she made a huge deal of it and came in front of the family and handed it to them and didn't make conversation with me ! .

Easter ! Bought all the family eggs !

So im thinking is she crazy ! She's loud makes a huge deal out of everything she does. Acts very confident loud and like to be heard .
Mi find it extremely werid . My boyfriend mam is buying her cousins gifts now and they don't know each other ! My boyfriend also finds it very Werid ! She leave her stay
over back in the batroom !
She acts like I'm the new girls and she's around years !
So guys would you like this if your Girfriend did this ?
If she's she's so genuine why would she not make a effort with me !!
Sorry about my spelling ! I was texting fast ! I ment to say she bought my boyfriend Perents gifts for 30 years married !


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