Girls, what does girl expect from her boyfriend?

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but i want to know what does girl expect their boyfriend to behave or to act to her like. For example do girl wants her BF to text her often? How often is enough so that she doesn't get annoyed? What to send her? What topic should we talk? I just want information on what girl thinks of boy.

I'm sorry if i'm asking sth stupid but i'm new to this...


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  • the specifics vary but overall, morning and night texts are always appreciated. Talk about any shared interests or even her interests. Dates. I love going on dates. I don't know anyone who doesn't, even if it's just going to the movies or park.

    As for frequency, it depends on the girl but moderation is key. Don't be do clingy.


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  • It's different for everyone! But I personally like it when my bf text me "good morning beautiful" or stuff like that! Just text her but if she doesn't reply then just stop cause she might be busy or doesn't really want to talk atm! U know girls are really difficult to understand.
    Girls like gossip like just talk about people and stuff like that.
    Compliment her mow and then. Tell her how much u love her but don't over do it she'll get bored and annoy.

  • Just talk to her about anything. Make her part of your life. Hug her, hold her, touch her and kiss her, look into her eyes when you talk to her. Smile at her


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