How to end a fling without losing the person?

A friend and I have been hooking up (just making out) for 3 months. We would sometimes go without talking for weeks. I want to end this because i feel like i'm going to get hurt because i developed feelings. He's not the relationship type at least i don't believe he would want to be with me.I want to stay friends with him. We are in the same friendgroup so we would still see eachother. I actually wanted to meet up to talk to him but he's in a different country right now so I have to text him.
What do i write? And how do i end a fling without losing the person.


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  • I guess just to try, ask him if he wants to be in a relationship. If not, you know your answer and distance yourself from him and then cut him out of your life.

    • Yeahh, but what do i write. i was thinking about something like:
      "I don't want to continue doing whatever this is, at least not under the circumstances."
      We never actually defined the relationship so it's kind of awks.

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    • Chances are good that you will "lose" the person, but if he's not into you the same way you're into him, then it's only going to be more pain to have him in your life.

    • Take that back a bit.

      This site says to "frame it as a request", like: “I have such a good time with you, and I want to see where this relationship will go. I think we should stop seeing other people; what do you think?”

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