Should first world problems be publicized more often?

It's a shame that people focus more on whats happening in Africa and they don't focus on guys with Asperger's who never had a date in their life.

We need to stop looking down on emos and crybabies, or people you call "f@gs". Which is confusing because if you support gay rights, you should'nt be using the term.

I'd rather date a whiner than an arrogant person, why? Visit any local prison and ALL the people there are full of arrogance and feelings of superiority, far from whining.

I have Asperger's and I'm self-centered (DSM symptom) lack empathy (DSM symptom) and lack social skills (DSM symptom). Life is unfair!


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  • Who said life was fair?
    We all have problems.


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  • Lol this is clearly trolling or maybe you're telling the truth still I can't take your question seriously lol.

    • I'm telling the truth as I'm hyper-emotional. I unfriended 23 people on Facebook because a girl didn't like my Happy Birthday post.

    • What you said made no sense at all you said its shame more people focus on what's happening in Africa than they do with people with Aspergers. To be honest I'd say people don't focus that much on what happening in Africa sure there were a good amount of commercials on tv to tell people to send money to the poor starving people in Africa,, but still most people don't pay attention that much to it.

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