How to be a good kisser?

I jsut had my first kiss(es). I'm pretty sure i'm terrible at it. either i puckered up like i was kissing a family member or i just stood there and didn't reciprocate. please help! anyway i can practise?


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  • I'm still learning too. My first kiss was awful. I closed my eyes too early and missed the guys mouth a bit (although I don't even know if it was there because his lips are almost invisible). LOL. It gets easier though. With my ex I was a lot better at it, but he was terrible. Ugh. With my friends with benefits , I'm just getting into the groove of things. Just remember, you're new at it. You can practice by kissing him again. Then you kiss him again. Then you keep kissing him. Repeat until you are better. :)


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  • Focus on the lips :) sounds obvious but some people forget that's what is getting kissed and don't pay them lots of attention... suck the lower lip when you take it in your mouth and pull on it a tad with your teeth, hold onto it a bit when you pull away from the kiss. Go slow and sensual, taste properly and don't rush and be hasty. If you're using tongues, don't go nuts but be generous, use the tongue as a guide. And most importantly, enjoy it!!

  • Well, before the kiss flirt with the other person, talk about stuff they like and flatter them wth compliments, then, when you go in for the kiss angle your head in the opposite direction of theirs and close your eyes if you want a more passionate kiss, gently open your mouth a little bit and see if they notice if they take it well, they will do the same and then that is the beginning of a makeout session. After the kiss smile at them and if they smile back they may want to kiss again so angle your head slightly and slightly squint your eyes to see if they do the same then go in for it again. Hope I helped!


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