Work place romance?

I have this girl. I said to her I love her and let me know what she thinks freely. I also gave her a choice to put the note back to my bin if she doesn't want me to come to her with a date.

This is fucking drives me nuts. I did asked her in person did she read my note? She said yes. I say what would you like to say? She said "you can text me but be calm"

I said okay. I avoid texting and talk with her in person as I get to see her on the work on regular basis.

I can see those long extend gazes, she even asked me to bump into her one day in front of someone and I punched her in the back, I had a very nice family dinner so I brought some for her too, she has not returned the containers yet.

She also kept a flower I gave it to her for like 6 months so as a guy I see everything is going all ri8.

The problem is lack of communication outside the work place. I don't have a phone ri8 now and I gave her my email if she needs to talks to me.

One day after office meeting I waited for her to ask what is she doing tonight? She said she has to work next day at 8 am so some another day. I was little upset so she asked me twice all right? All right? I said OK considering last minute plan.

She didn't suggest any other day or talk about it. I am going nuts like come on what's up? She would look around and usually always be there one time if I am in the office and say hi or how are you doing? Or would walk with me even if she has nothing to do in that part of the office.

What is the problem in coming to me to suggest a date? She knows I love her and by no means she is a shy girl however I have noticed nervousness around me sometimes.

Other day I told her I would love to pull her hair and she said your brain would be on the floor! Is this teasing or saying fuck off? I have told her I don't understand covert messages be clear with me.

Am I fucking clueless or is this normal? What's up? Should I go and ask her out again or wait for her?


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  • Bad idea. Don't start a romance where you work. If it doesn't work, you will have trouble at work

    • Thanks honey, I am not scared if it doesn't work out or whatever. I ain't leaving my life to the future when I see a perfect girl, I would like to date.

      What worst could happen? I would get fired? I don't care. My impression is such even if every staffer knows that she rejected me and taunts me, I can take it without lashing back to her for not liking me.

      What I care about is if she is the one, no fucking work place worth her. I want to make sure that she understands that clearly that she had a choice so I can be peaceful if she didn't make her choice.

    • That's sweet :) so you're wondering if she likes her

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