Girls, girls no bs help a dude?

I met a girl named jessica. I asked her out and she said yeah but she was busy that day since it was her b-day (she wasn't lying but still wtf ). Since then she's only text me once all on her own and she was flirting with me. I never tried asking her out again since i thought she wasn't interested. We then pretty much never spoke again but kept in touch via instagram.

Last night i went to my friends house and surprisingly jessica was there since she's friends with my friends younger sister. She will just stare at me on/off. I did say hi/bye but that was it.

My question is should i text her today? maybe try asking her out again? but i don't want look dumb/desperate. It could be her age since she 18 and i'm 23.


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  • She said yeah but then reject you because it was her birthday? I think you should text her, maybe she's waiting for your text... we girls become insecure too and maybe she didn't text you more because she thought you were the one not interested... like you said you never asked her out again so she might be thinking she did something wrong... I would go for it, and if she ignores your text then you know she's not interested and you can move on


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