How do you make a guy interested in you, long distance? Also why do guys just ignore messages?

So I really want to make sure my long distance relationship lasts, I met him online and we will be living two and a half hours away from each other for a little under a year until I move to his city for school. We already had our first meeting and things went wonderfully we connected really well. However a week ago he disappeared and just stopped texting me back after starting the conversation. I'm really invested in him and my insecurities got the best of me I think I've been able to one day with out trying to text him or snapchat him but he never replies. Why wouldn't he just tell me it was over? Especially if I asked him if he wanted me to stop contacting him and he still didn't reply. How do I make him interested via texting/snapchat? I'm so confused and hurt


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  • I'm sorry. I know how hurt it is when a person you're interested in doesn't text you back. From my experience, a guy not texting back or taking forever to do so means he's not interested, EVERY single time. Went on a date with a guy once and I thought we really hit it off on the first date. He even told me he'll invite me to events and stuff. Only to never contact me again. Trust me, guys who truly care or are interested in you will make an effort to reach out to you. If they're busy or in the middle of something, they will inform you beforehand or explain to you why they couldn't respond as soon as possible. It's painful but I suggest you move on from this guy. Even if he does text you back, he would not be serious about you.

    • Every guy does this to me everytime

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