How do I know if this guy likes me or this other girl?

About 7 months ago, this guy came to our church, and I'm trying to figure out if he likes me or this other girl. Our church only has 4 girls, and 2 guys (including him), and although he has a friendly talkative personality I notice he only flirts with me and this other girl. He's 25, I'm 23, and the other girl is 27. Only thing is, he doesn't know that she is kind of dating the other guy at church! They have it on the down-low, so there's no way he would know unless someone told him.. *casually of course LOL

To be honest, when I first met him he annoyed me! All I know from my end is that he calls me often, has long conversations, and has kind of asked me out (to go for coffee and work on a powerpoint for church...) although I declined because at that point I didn't like him! But recently our friendship has become more comfortable (but not TOO comfortable), and more flirty. In comparing him with me and him with her, I see that we text and call more and we're just more comfortable in general life terms.

I also ran into him this past week on my birthday when we were out! He knew it was my birthday but didn't mention it in person and waited until later on to text me. He knew I was going out for dinner later, so I'm thinking he either just wanted an excuse to start a conversation or wanted an invite to where I was going, because he did mention that we should go to that same place sometime. (Although I'm not sure if that meant just him and I, or the whole church group)

He also has a nickname for me (just the first letter of my name) and doesn't for any of the other girls. Could that mean he likes me, or that he's friendzoned me?!?


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