Girlfriend sends me naked photos, but not of herself. Don't know how to proceed?

My long distance girlfriend of about a year (Never met in any way other than Skype) sends me explicit photos sometimes, but I know it's not her in the picture. Details like like rooms being different along with... Well... More personal things such as beauty marks made me suspicious enough to look around online. Sure enough, a few photos in to a specific search, I see the same pictures she sent in a tumblr post or something made a few years back. What do I do? Confront her? Let it slide... I'm confused and a little annoyed and I'm not sure why. Help?
Just to add a bit to the mystery: I've sort of confronted her about it before. I told told her I was browsing to take care of some "Business" and told her I found very similar photos to what she sent. She said it wouldn't be the first time that happened and that there are plenty of people with her body type. She didn't seem freaked out or worried at all. All very bizarre. Other than this though we have a very solid and trusting relationship and we love each other.


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  • I think you should confront her about it. Are you even sure she's a girl lol? If she's faking those pictures she could be faking anything. But maybe she's just afraid that you'll not be attracted to her real body. Was it you who asked about the naked pics or was it her who started sending them?

    • Refer to the comment on the first opinion below for your last question. Yes, I am very certain she's a girl. Like I've said, we've Skyped many times and she's even been in her local newspaper.

    • Oh alright that's good. But seriously she could still hide anything from you if she lied about that, but it sounds to me like she's a bit insecure and wants you to think she's hot and so on. I think you should talk to her, maybe she's ashamed of something, and really likes you.

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  • She is probably a bit shy just say you are not bothered she doesn't have to sent nude pics if she doesn't want to.

    • She sends them of her own accord. She's actually the one who started doing it even before we considered ourselves to be a couple.

    • Sounds strange after seeing other comments - I would confront her just to be a 1000% sure everything is correct.

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  • She wants to turn you on but she doesn't think you'll like her junk.

    I'd bring it up, tell her you searched one of the images, you know it isn't her, you don't care, she doesn't have to send pics you like her anyways, can you still be friends?


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