I said some things and now should I write him again?

Well, the story is here. He is currently in the army but gets out for the weekends. It's all been well for the past weekends, but this time, we agreed he'd come to my place on Friday . He didn't know what time it was he was supposed to get out, I never got a call. He didn't even call me on Thursday. Last we spoke was on Wednesday's evening. I called him 3 times on Friday and 1 time on Saturday, then he finally picked up and said he was out drinking. I asked him why, but all I got was "we need to meet". Without thinking, I asked if he wanted to break up with me (he didn't). Then I just hung up. I gave him 2 hours to get his act together after that to call me back but he didn't. He did sound very hungover though. I sent him a message something about what is there to talk when he can't even respond to my 1 message that I sent ( he had been online on Friday but didn't read it on facebook. so it was just "unread".) and told him if he wants to collect his things, he knows the address. Now it has been 2 days and no call, no anything. I am losing control of my mind already, my mother says men like to chase (as far as my expreriences go, that tends to be true) and I should value myself more and let him make the call. On Saturday, it would have been 6 months that we've been dating. I can't take it anymore. Is it possible that it is all thrown out of the window and he will never ever call me again? I can't believe it..


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