Tips for Asian girls and black girls for dating white guys?

Asian girls, work in your eyes, hair and smile and try to dress according to your body.
White guys are also attracted to ass and breasts but they are attracted to Asian girls because of the appearance in 80% of cases. Only Asian girls that are not terribly ugly.
I'm saying this because everyone says that Asian girls are ugly and no one can feel attracted to them, they always need to invent some boycott or something to undermine mostly white guys wanting Asian girls because some white girls, Asian guys and black guys hate white guys dating Asian girls because of their jealousy and others because of hate or both.

Black girls, try to dress well but if you're dark and have a beautiful ass try to attract them in an outfit that values your ass but at the same time don't look like a bitch, Show that you are wanting him because you are really attracted to him and not because nobody wants you because black guys say this, try to stay away from black boys at least on the first days because they will want to end and undermine your relationship.

In general all men are more open to dating down, is easy see ugly women with men who are better looking, even if you're ugly sometimes you can get them.


Most Helpful Guy

  • A lot of black girls date white guys as a second choice because black guys are all chasing the white and Asian girls. Black girls didn't even start becoming interested in white guys until they realized that the best black guys were eager to date all races of girls.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Horrible generalizations and it's truly unfortunate if you believe this. If you're Trolling, I give it a -5/10. It could have been so much worse.

    Something tells me though that you're not joking. You're stereotyping all over. Not all men are the same: they aren't all thoughtless drooling sleazes.


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  • I don't understand what this is about. Are you saying these women can't be desired by white guys? Because most of my friends are European white males and they always point out women other than white ones.

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  • This isn't a question, it's your soapbox for your somewhat distorted views as to what white guys want.

  • You're trolling is alittle off needs more darude sandstorm. Also the tips you listed suck!

  • there's no tip basically... the white guy just needs 2 be OPEN 2 interracial dating basically u know...;-)

  • you know, if you were trying to make black girls feel more insecure, it won't work. They are already the most insecure/thirsty group on gag, so you can't make it any worse

    • Lol. Says who?

    • Psssh yet countless insecure white men are whining about their penis size and looks

    • Yeah, I see these questions all the time, like suddenly black girls are all worried about white guys. I just wonder why they got so desperate.

What Girls Said 2

  • This question made me sad

  • Is this a troll I smell? Or is she for real?


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