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I met a guy and we had a huge connection. He lives far away and is letting fear run him. Do I walk away or hang in there and try to break the walls down


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  • If he's worth it, break the walls down and let him see that you care for him.

  • If you think that he's worth it, you can try.

    I'm sure it's not the exact same thing but my boyfriend sort of had to do the same thing with me. He tried to get me to out with him for 4 years, which I was very reluctant to do because of a 12 year age difference. Finally, I mentioned it to one of my sisters told me: "Look, he's smart, cute, has a good job, and he obviously likes you - and he wants to date you, so who cares if he's 31, what the hell are you so afraid of? Give the guy a chance." So, I did, so far so good.

    The point is don't give up on people if you think they're worth pursuing because good things can happen!


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