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Okay so me and this girl have been dating on and off. Since September. we had a good relationship until the middle of November. Then broke up she said we fought too much. And she got a new friend, and now in December we dated on and off several times secretly. Because she didn't want her friends knowing. And This January we dated but she always talks to her friends never talks to me at school. Doesn't hug me in front of her friends. I always have to say I love you first. Now I'm February we dated for 4weeks. And we broke up because her friends like she cares too much of what they think. Everytime I tried flirting with her she ignored me, with her fitness around. But when her friends are not around she will show more affection when im sad and her friends are not around she will show a little more affection. When I try hugging her with her friends around she dodges my hugs. And when I tried kissing her on the cheek she goes to her friends and say I swerved him. Now weve been broken up for about 1month. I talk to her about the affection things. And I keep asking her does she like me she will say yes. And I asked her if she wanted to go out she says it's not the right time. Now like we say I love you and stuff but she just sends emojis back. And I told her that she needs to change and quit thinking about what her friends have to say. And she told me she will change completely im giving her 3 days and if she does not treat me like I deserve and show affection im going to leave. Do you think im doing the right thing.. Or what else should i say, like im the only guy who talks to her every other guy thinks she's igly. On Instagram im the only guy who likes her photos. And she only has like 2 really good friends and she just lost a good friend. If I leave her will that be the right thing. Because I have tried hard and my best for 7 months straight and showed her respect and that I care for her and she has not done it back. What should I do guys?


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  • what you are doing is right. If she doesn't want to hang out with you in public places like school, she not the right girl. Just wait and see if she's willing to change, and if not, leave her.

    • Alright Thankyou :)

    • Hey and one more question, what if she says she's trying but it like isn't enough for me to notice a difference, like she try's to make me happy when her friends aren't alone to make up for it. If she calls that changing should I still move on.

    • If she's simply not accepting you and your relationship, even though she says she's trying then move on yes. For her to show you that she's changed she has to invite you to eat lunch with her and her friends for example. That would show a change that she is willing to commit.

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  • Have you asked her why she's acting this way? She probably has a reason so I guess the first step would be to try to understand why she's doing it. But I admit, it's pretty weird... If she really liked you then she wouldn't wanna hide it, especially not from her friends

    Mind answering mine?

  • Has she shown any interest in you?

    • Yeah a little. But what should I do she doesn't show any affection, she ignores me in the hallway she always walks with her best girlfriend Khristian, and her friend Khristian tries to get inbetween us what should I do. She did say she was going to try this week.

    • Try catching her alone

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