Social (league) mobility in dating, or no?

I often hear this concept of "leagues". At first I was in denial that they existed but... yea, they do. I have said this before and I'll say it again because I dont expect anyone to remember, much less look at, what I say. Western nations teach people that if you're not born with great looks and money, you will never get quality partners, and will instead get people that will use and take advantage of you. Eastern nations, on the other hand, teach that being born without the necessary qualities to get good partners can easily be fixed through putting more effort into your life. Since I've joined GaG I have seen a variety of takes that favor ideals concerning lack of social mobility and very few takes that support self improvement. My question is, what do you believe in?
  • Western- Men/women who aren't born good are losers.
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  • Eastern- There is always hope for people to improve.
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  • I think that the philosophy in the east is more realistic. in fact the philosophy of self improvement in general has probably helped them achieve so much in recent years.

    As for leagues, it really doesn't work like that. Do you think guys that like fat chicks are going to agree with guys who like skinny chicks? No. Leagues are dynamic based on what you like.


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  • I vote C: Western cultures generally don't teach that and I can't speak for Eastern cultures.

    Speaking of leagues. Perhaps you'd like to take a look at my question...

  • No such thing as leagues. If you work hard at anything you'll get good at it. Just how it is. You may not be able to be flying to the moon if you're not born with the right genetics, and you sure as fuck won't be a world leader unless your family knows the right people; but in terms of socializing, dating, health, skills... anything can be learned.

  • I don't understand this whole Western/Eastern thing, you are talking about.

    • That really doesn't matter. I'm trying to get the people's opinion on the matter of; can you start off with no dating appeal and work your way up, or if you are born with no appeal than you will never work your way up.

    • It is trivial. A successful men is more appealing. If you achieved your success yourself, it is even more appealing. A rich kid scrub will only attract hoes.

  • Well I disagree very much with the culture in these "eastern nations" on most matters, but I had to vote B in this case.

    Really, this isn't an "eastern" thing though.

  • If you're a slave to culture, they exist completely.

    If you get outside of that, you see how silly the world and its artificial notions are.


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