Do girls ever flake on you to test you?

So I've been on two dates with this girl, both gone great, lots of touching eye contact, laughing and just a ton of signs of interest as well as making out with her on both occasions. Since day one she's never been the fastest at replying back, sometimes up to 24 hours I almost get the impression she is playing hard to get at times but I do know she is always really busy. anyway I asked her last week for her plans this weekend, 24 hours later she said she thinks she's free this Saturday during the day but she would have to double check as her mom goes away for work for 4 weeks and might want to do things. I said I can do Saturday afternoon, she text back saying lets do Saturday etc ... I said cool ok call me when your done with work and we can discuss times etc ... I heard nothing till Saturday morning and she said hey are we still good for today?? im free after 3. any way we arrange to meet and she text me a few hours after saying im really sorry mom wants to take me out before she leaves on Monday hope you dont mind can you do next weekend? I waited a while as I had only just go in saying ok no big deal, I've just got in anyway, I will see what I can do. she sent another saying how sorry she was for messing me around and I left it at that. she's never flaked on me before but I know this isn't good and while the excuse is believable is unlikely to be true. I'm talking to a few other chicks so putting her on the back burner but my question is how do I go about this situation to maximise my potential chances of her meeting next weekend. And is this a potential test or does she just have low interest levels. It feels like some sort of weird female test as she is so busy and leads a hectic life she won't want a needy guy??


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  • There are some women who do that unfortunately. But how do you know the excuse isn't likely to be true? You don't know that.

    I don't know any woman that wants a needy guy besides those who are needy themselves. But since you're talking to a few other girls, I would think that she should simply move on from you.


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