Girls, is it a turn off for girls when guys open up emotionally?

If a guy "reveals" his true colors and you start to think he's more sensitive or emotional then you once thought does that turn you off? If you know you can "have him" do you lose any buzz or feelings towards him?


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  • It depends on how emotional/sensitive and on the situation.

    • Well let's say a break up.. and he gets emotional about how much you may mean to him or something along those lines

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    • I also want to say that overly clingy guys is a turnoff for me. I like my space.

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  • generally, i would say not at all. it's good to know guys have feelings, because i know how hard a lot of guys work to hide them.

    but it is dependent on the situation, for example if "true colours" means you're aggressive and rude and generally scary, then i would say probably don't show that side... ever...


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