"Friendzone" seems to be used somewhat inconsistently, what does it mean to you?

On this site "Friendzone" seems to be used mainly by "nice guys" bitching about a girl who just isn't attracted to him, they not necessarilly friends anyway, she's just a girl who doesn't feel attracted to a guy who fancies her. Used in this sense it seems like pretty pointless term, it's not different to just saying they were rejected. It's got nothing to do with friendship in this sense.

Another in which I've heard "friendzone" used, particularly before joining this site, was more along lines that having been platonic friends with a person was what caused them to not view the suitor as a potential romantic interest. That is the person may well have reciprocated the interest had they not been friends already. Whether or not this phenomenon exists, at least if we take this as the meaning of "friendzone" we're not pointlessly using the word, as there isn't another for it (commonly used anyway).
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  • I think the second interpretation of "friendzone" is right.
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  • The first is more correct. The second is really really rare. However it's common for the person with no attraction to make it sound like the second case since it spins the rejection as a positive "it's not that you're not remotely attractive to me as a man, it's that you're such a sparkly special friend and I don't want to risk that, because we will always be so close even when you do eventually find a serious gf because it won't be weird at all"

    • So if the rejectee believes that they would mean the second interpretation when they say they've been friendzoned, right?

    • If they're really clueless with girls yes. Then they come and ask questions like how fast to move to my be friend zoned while not being a pushy jerk. And they'd only like girls to answer.

      At some point they realize they're being fed untruths and the advice from most girls isn't helping.

      Then they become angry nice guys and bitch about reality. That's step 2! They start seeing some things as they are and are horrified

      Step 3 they get over it, start seeing that the step 2 truths are there but things like love and compatibility are there too and start trying to do what they need to in the real world. Unfortunately a lot of them are jaded at this point and decide to try to rack up hookups rather than go for relationships. But not all.

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What Girls Said 5

  • I thought friend zoning was when a guy or a girl who is romantically attracted to someone and try to pursue but that person is currently or will always only think of them as a friend.

    Like if guy asks a girl he has been hanging out with to go out, she responses like this 'perfect! I so need a night out with friends.' And even if clarified as a 'date' she would say she only really thinks of him as a friend.

    • Often guys on here will say they've been friendzoned when a girl they've just met rejects them, so clearly she doesn't see him as just a friend, because he isn't even a friend, he's just a guy who's interest isn't returned.

      Some people certainly seem to use it as though it's being friends that causes the person not to be seen as a romantic interest.

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    • Actually it seems like a pretty useless term with your definition too actually, their being friends isn't really relevant, it's just two people who happen to be friends one of whom is attracted to the other who doesn't feel the attraction in return - I don't see the point in a word for that, it's just being rejected by someone you happen to be friends with.

    • Well I only know a vague interpretation anyways, I don't have experience in the matter.

  • Don't get why people think the platonic "friend zone" only applies to guys. Probably because they're more vocal about it but still, wtf.

    When one party likes the other and it isn't mutual, said individual is placed into the friend zone. That's my simple definition of it.

    • I didn't use gender specific language in my second interpretation, I did in the first because I as was describing how it's generally used on here, which is by guys complaining about it. Obviously girls experience unrequited feelings too.

      So you more or less agree with my first interpretation of the term?

    • Happens both ways but more common for guys. Girls more often get fwb-zoned.

  • I think it's when someone befriends a person they have feelings for under false pretenses. they cause the person they like to think all they want is friendship, then act like a best guy or female friend to them instead of flirting or making their true intensions known until it's way too late and the other person is unable to see them as anything but a friend.

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    • start off friendly to get to know each other, but be flirty.

    • Yeah, I asked because I was interested in how people interpret the word, I have felt it's used somewhat inconsistently.

  • I think it doesn't exists because it already has a name called friends. Your not being zone or denied they're treating you as a friend.
    Also to the people who are too fucking scared to ask out the person they have a crush, your not being friendzoned. They don't even know you like then so how the hell are they even rejecting you. They're just continuing the friendship as it's always been

    • I agree, In the way it seems to be used I don;. t see the point in having it as a word.

    • Because being friends is the only word you need.

  • Friendzone is when a guy likes a girl but the girl only sees the guy as a friend and vice versa


What Guys Said 2

  • The friendzone is used for the guys who are unattractive but the girl wants to use them for something. Same with guys. Guys friendzone girl and use them when they want a little ego boost.

    • So you disagree with both my interpretations?

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    • So do you think it's when the two were friends before the rejection?

    • Well I don't know there are many different scenarios. True friendship is when both are each other's friends but this not often the case. Usually one party has feelings for the other.

  • Language is my thing. I often hear this term used as a verb, as in, "They might friendzone me," typically in reference to a hypothetical or real rejection of romantic interest. There may or may not have been a prior relationship, but if so, it was not formerly romantic in character, so in fact, the rejectee is already in someone's "friendzone" (here used as a noun), but has yet to be rejected romantically. Such circumstances typically arise between otherwise compatible partners, but can also happen between folks of different sexual orientations. A gay fellow may end up in his straight buddy's friendzone if he ever tries to make their relationship romantic. Also see: bromance.

    • I've seen guys use it on here when referring to a girl who isn't even a friend anyway, they just use it instead saying they were rejected.

    • Yes, I read your initial post text.

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