Guys, when u message ur bf... N he has not responded for the past 8 hours to any of ur messages?

Nor has he commented when i sent him selfie pics of whar im wearing ... N i know he has read my message ... How long should i normally wait for him to respond .. And the fact he has not responded ... Yeah it could b he is busy ... Nor did he wish me happy Easter and i wished him ... N he replied thanks ... Whats a girlfriend got to do to get her man to reply or initiate something?


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  • You're gonna come off as really clingy if you're just sending him message after message in the same day without him responding back. I've gone days without looking at my phone before.

    • Not trying to b clingy... I would like a response.. To show a guy cared

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    • Well that was a bit rude. He might just be honest to a fault. But isn't the whole point of Valentine's day is to spend time with the person you care about? oh and for hallmark to become even more filthy rich... How much you care for someone should be measured by showing your affection for them not buying your way into their heart.

    • I agree with u... By spending time with each other [n my opinion at least once a week.. Nothing facy... N by replying to a persons text n leaving them hanging is rude

  • w8 a little bit more basically...8 hrs isn't much of a time...:-)

    • How long shpuld i wait...

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