I really like my gay guy friend... help?

he's not entirely gay, he's struggling with his sexuality.. he's in a male relationship right now.. we have slept together...we talk and he tells me all of his life problems, how he feels about things...he wants kids and what not and he isn't sure what he wants...a man or a woman.... i really like this guy and im not too sure what to do myself:/ opinions?


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  • In normal situations I'd tell you to tell him what you feel, however you said that right now he's in a male relationship... so I think you should wait for it to [eventually] end and then tell him.

    • Well i told him in the past.. and it wasn't a good time or situation and things were weird for a bit

    • Maybe it was because it wasn't a good time. If you like him I think you shouldn't give up, just wait for a better time next time.

    • I think he sees me as just a friend and occasional hook up

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  • Just seduce him and afterward say that if he wants children of his own its only attainable the right way with you.

    • LOL we have slept together

    • Yeah I know, I read that bit, but do it again and with passion this time and then say that afterwards.

  • "He's not entirely gay".

    That like "kind of pregnant"?

    Seriously. Run for your life.

    • LOL why?

    • Why? Seriously? Why? Did you read your original post? You think you want kids with this guy?

      Good luck.

    • I didn't say i want kids with him lol

  • make the choice for him, express yourself/feelings to him

  • Oh this is very complicated you should move away before youget really hurt or worse get HIV since the gay comunity it always run rampant be CAREFULL

    • he's clean lol its the first man he's been with and i know the guy

    • well I'm just saying because he might also go around sleeping with other men and not tell you this happened to a friend of mine just save yourself the trouble and LEAVE

    • No no we are not together lol we are really good friends and he tells me everything... he isn't looking for other men but he is looking for other women

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