Does love/attraction eventually fade away when you've been together with someone for a long time?

I was talking to my neighbor about dating, and love and all that stuff and he finally started talking about his relationship with his fiance and all of a sudden he was telling me all this stuff about their relationship that was none of my business and he was like " I'm sorry to burst your bubble but after marriage and maybe some kids people just become domesticated partners there is no more attraction" I was a little disappointed after hearing that of course cause I don't want to believe that love or that attraction just fades away after some time. They make it seem so exciting and everlasting in movies and books and it just makes me wwonder .. what is the poin of falling in love or dating or getting married???


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  • Love changes. If you know the truth you would make a better decision. In the USA you belive what you see in the movies and hear in music but it is not true. When you travel to foreign countries the women know and live the real life so if they don't pick the pretty guy it is because they know what pretty will do and they pick the good guy. People in the past took classes on love. The gold digger fits more the requirments of the bible than the woman who does it for love.

    You would never have sex the same way if you look at what the idiot really is telling you.


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  • it only takes one long term relationship not working out to understand why it happens but yes people ofter grow apart.


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  • Not if it's real.

  • If you guys genuinely love each other than it will never go away, if it ran out you guys need to reignite that spark from. earlier in the relationship
    Please answer mines

  • I think it doesn't I think it becomes second nature so you think the attraction is gone but you just got used to it


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