What do I to help him :'(?

If you stopped to look at my question or answered it I want to say thank you so much. I'm crying my eyes out right now because I have no idea what to do. My fiancé who I have dated for 3 years and 6 months since I was 14. So we basically grew up together. Anyways he started running away from his house. He did it last week and now he did it yesterday and today. He is currently missing right now. I found a picture on snapchat of him smoking weed with two people I don't like. Him and I made a promise to each other long ago that we will not smoke weed with anyone else but each other. He broke my trust fully. I haven't heard from him since yesterday morning and it's killing me. I don't want to see the love of my life go down the wrong path. I can't leave him because he needs me, I know he does. To get personal, last week (Tuesday) I had an miscariage and I told him.. He cried so bad. Why is he acting like this? What can I do? Please help me! :(


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  • Hello, it's hard to tell you what to DO because no one really knows this situation better than you and him. But there are some things that might help you to clear you mind and think better about hat to do. Understand that this promise you did in the past is past, everyone does these things, don't get too attached to this. No one is here to judge the level of love between you, but there's another truth about life that 99% of people tries to deny, which is that fact that relationships aren't made so that you complete him and vice versa, but you must understand that, even though you guys have a very strong connection, it should be a share, not a completion. Now, here's my specific opinion, although I don't have the big picture of the thing, maybe what's happening is that you guys got too much into this love and might have lost some sense of the reality, maybe he is trying to live his life a little bit and you are getting upset about it because he is yours. It doens't mean he is leaving you (of course not, as you said, he needs you), but maybe this is the time for you to practice your personality, maybe you will be a better companion in long terms if you are able to handle this love in with more sense of reality. Have you thought about smoking weed along with his friends? There's no such thing as romeo and juliet with happy ending. Addiction leads to suffering. Sorry if I got the wrong picture of it!

    • No, no, no this is 100% perfect. Thank you so much :)! Could I message you?

    • Oh, nice then! Of course, how should we do it? (I just started using this website)

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  • Maybe he is having issues at home and is depressed and stressed from life and your miscarriage. Either way he has lost his way. Try to reach out to him and talk about his troubles.

    • Thank you so much & I have/ am. All he tells me is that he's really depressed and then goes and does this shit. Excuse my language.

  • find a new fiancee
    he needs to help himself, fucking kid needs to grow up!
    he had a kid on the way and was busy getting high instead of working!


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