I think she might be scared of me. Help?

Me and this girl have been dating for about three weeks, not too long. She's really outgoing and happy all the time and absolutely loves everybody. She's honestly amazing and adorable and I'm really into her, but every time I reach for her hand, kiss her, or touch her in anyway, she hesitates or flinches. She gets really tense for like a second, and then smiles or does something to try and seem like she's okay, but I can tell something's wrong. I really care about her, but I just don't understand. Am I doing something wrong? What should I do?


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  • Give her some time my friend. :)
    It's just been 3 weeks and she's probably not ready for the hugging, kissing type of stage. I began kissing my first boyfriend after 6 months of dating.
    Right now, I'm dating this amazing guy and we've been together for 4 months and we didn't begin hugging and holding hands until about a month of dating. We haven't kissed yet. I'm not sure when we will.

    It's probably because this girl isn't into you as much as you are into her. It took me 6 months to be able to kiss my first bf because I wasn't deeply into him at the beginning of our dating relationship.

    In your situation, all you have to do is give it some time and mean while, enjoy spending time each other and doing awesome & fun things together. Then an amazing connection will grow


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  • No your not doing anything wrong, just talk to her and ask her why she does it.

    • I have, and she just acts like it's nothing. I don't want to keep asking her about it, but I don't know how to help her if she doesn't talk me.

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    • No problem. It may take time for her to open up. Her smiling is a good sign. She may not even notice hwr flinching. It may be an automatic reaction until she realizes its you

    • Maybe. That would actually make a lot of sense because it's a lot worse when her back is turned. I hugged her from behind once and she literally started shaking.

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  • She might be. Does she have abusive family?

    • I honestly don't know. How would you even ask about something like that?

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    • I don't know all about your relationship so I can't tell you what to say but something sweet like that :)

    • Honestly tho, thanks man. That helped a lot. :)

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