Why am I so jealous?

I get so jealous if my bf talks to girls even if he's not flirting with them! I get so irritated sometimes and it just bugs me so much. It's just I'm so jealous when it comes to my boyfriend. Why is this and what can I do to tame it?


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  • Why? Do you feel like they are cuter than you or they will try to take him away from you? Maybe thats why? I really suck at explaining but most people get jealous because of low self esteem and they might think he will cheat on you (trust) if you don't trust him that can be another reason why you get jealous. Think about it


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  • Learn to trust him. if u don't it'll drive him away


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  • Remember he's his own person not yours. He shares his time with you it doesn't belong to you. You feel entitlement over him and you feel like it disappears if he interacts with other women.

  • too much jelly belly, you jelly bean.

    ... trust issues.


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