Her boyfriend needs space and she's onto me?

So this girls boyfriend needs space (I've overheard her talking about it) and I think she's coming onto me. I feel it would be disastrous to make a move. Any opinions or advice? Both female and male can weigh in.


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  • If you want an exclusive relationship with her, then, yes, it could be disastrous if you were to make a move, especially if she has feelings for him.

    Keep in mind the circumstances in which she is coming on to you under. Her guy requires distance between them. So, from this, I assume she does not feel the relationship with her guy will last which consequently has significantly lowered self esteem and self worth. Thus, she is emotional, vulnerable and perhaps hitting on you, etc., to alleviate her pain.

    That, or she may simply want to cheat or perhaps is the type of person who is dependent and feel the need to always be with someone or in a relationship.

    • Yeah this is what I was thinking too. Thanks for the input

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  • Needing space is key word for I wanna bang other people but not feel guilty about being in a relationship.

  • i guess they don't go along very well... so chances r breaking up and end-up 2 u basically...


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