Guys, what turns you on the most about girls and what turns you off?

I am just curious so I can decide what my boyfriend would like and wouldn't like. Please give as much detail for the pros and cons as possible.


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  • Turn Ons:
    Personality is not salty
    Awesome/Dark sense of humor
    Yoga pants
    Smoker or able to tolerate my smoking
    Not very social

    Turn Offs:
    Salty personality
    No sense of humor
    Easily offended

    • Fair enough. How would you describe a dark sense of humour and a salty personality?

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    • A mixture of it

    • That's fair enough. I think anyway would hate bitches.

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  • Turn off:
    Facial hair is a huge turn off, as is pubic hair.
    Overly use of makeup.
    Acting like a brat/bitch.

    Turn ons:
    Cuddling (Yes.)
    Gaming. (Depends on the guy.)
    Dressing up sexily. Not slutty, keep in mind, there is a difference.

    Ask him what he wants. It's easier that way.

    • That's a good thing about the turn off for make up. Bleh. I hate the stuff with a passion. Ugh, but don't guys have pubic hair too? I can shave my legs and all, but I once tried to shave my pubic hair and afterwards it was as itchy as hell. Never done it again and it was like on the border line too. Hmm, I don't think I act like brat/bitch, if I do, I don't try to. What do you mean by dressing up sexily and gaming? I'm glad that cuddling turns you on, so I think my boyfriend likes cuddling too, or at least he doesn't seem to mind it and its good he likes cuddling because I'm a huge (well not huge) teddy bear and love as much affection as possible. What kinda romance do you like? Hmm, do you like it if a girl touches your nipples or plays with them? And would you prefer to feel up a girl yourself or prefer her to direct you there? Thanks, I think I may ask him :) Yes, that would be much easier, haha

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    • Yes, trimming pubic hair improves hygiene for both sexes and looks good. (As far as my girls are concerned.)

      And for directing your boyfriend, sure, why not? He might even prefer it that way. I would suggest you look up Dominant/Submissive relationships. It doesn't necessarily need to be restricted to sex, but might help in your issue. Find out who is more dominant. You or him? And take choices according to it.

      And talk to him about these things , rather than posting here. It will help you immensely. C:

    • I haven't heard about trimming pubic hair as being hygienic, but okay, if you say so. Alright, thanks, I'll look up dominant/submissive relationships on Google :) Okay, I will try talking to him

  • What turns me on
    1. Girls with a great personality.
    2. Honest girls that I can trust, she has to be able to trust me back.
    3. Girls that have a great sense of humour, every guy wants that.
    4. Girls that wear tight jeans or tight black faux leather pants, I just love them.

    What turns me off
    1. Girls that smoke.
    2. Girl that are dishonest or can't be trusted, this is an instant deal breaker.
    3. Girls that gossip about people, start drama or are involved in any drama.
    4. Girls that are mean, nasty or treat men badly.
    5. Girls that think the world revolves around them.
    6. Girls that try and use tears to get what they want.
    7. Girls that have to have the last word in every argument, especially when she is at fault.
    8. Girls that are gold diggers.
    9. Girls that use the silent treatment because that just hows her immaturity.
    10. Girls that are sexist or racist.

    • So you like girls who are really nice? That's a good thing. Mmm, yeah, I believe things should be equal in a relationship and that both parties are responsible for fights or whatever, no matter who's fault it was originally. It takes two to fight, I've always been told. I never intend on smoking. Skinny/tight jeans are so hard to get on and off. I hate them so much. What's a gold digger mean? I like your advice, it seems pretty damn fair.

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    • I would not call it a fetish if you love you boyfriend touching your boobs, it is a very common thing for a girl to love. Remember kinky and a fetish are the more unusual things. :)

    • Oh, okay, then I don't know, haha :)

  • Well each guy is different. For me, I love skirts, button up shirts, and thigh high socks. Nipples showing their outline through the shirt, skimpy or no panties under the skirt, and when all else comes off, thigh highs stay on.

    • Oh, gosh... I think I'm gonna keep my panties on and wear shorts when I'm with my boyfriend. I love thigh high socks :) -.- I don't have enough swag/confidence to show my nipples through my top. I don't even have enough confidence to wear bikinis. What's skimpy mean?

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