Mind games are the only way to a woman's heart these days?

the title isn't a question, its a statement. in my nearing 22 years of life, i have come to realize that even when there is genuine chemistry between two people, there needs to be games involved at least in the beginning or else it doesn't work. and all these games need to be either initiated or won by the male. if not, you (the male) will end up being the bitch in the relationship.

if you play mind games with her in the beginning, not only will she like you more but she will understand that YOU run the show and not her, and that is the only way to a successful relationship; when the girl understands that the guy runs the show.


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  • Mind games are one of the fastest ways to make me *not* want to talk with a guy anymore. A real dominant person doesn't have to play games to lead anyway.


What Guys Said 1

  • Exactly right, it is a game, the question is to what extent do you take it?
    Do you go as far as to say you've lost the entire thing with no hope of salvation OR do you play but remember why your playing and that its for the best you two draw the line?
    Now really, you can't answer that question unless you've done the first of the two and know the signs to that or the potential tell tale signs.
    And say you have made the mistake, I can guarentee you around 1 out of every 4 people will make that mistake again, time after time... as such is life, sadly.

    So you play the game, and you make the mistake, what matters, most, is that you learn before you screw up the one thing that could have been the greatest thing.


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