Why did he ask if I've ever dated before?

I went on a date on Sunday and everything went great. After the guy and I had a few drinks, he started firing questions at me lol. He's 10 years my senior and I'm 24.

He asked me if I've ever dated before, whether my mom is strict, whether my mom knew that we were going on a date and asked whether I had dated someone from his ethnicity before.

Why would a guy ask you if you've ever dated someone before?


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  • Lol maybe he thought you were to locked up and conscious

    • Locked up? Lol you mean as in shy or?

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    • Probably :D

    • by the way a word of advice
      Date a younger man lol he's a decade older then u

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  • He was just making conversations.


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  • Because you're dating someone 10 years older than you.


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