Girls, how do you explain this shy guy double standard?

I always heard that there are some girls that like shy guys, but fact is, there are very few of them in actual relationships. Girls, when you say you like shy guys, you mean physically attractive(or extremely handsome) shy guys, right? Because there aren't any average-looking shy guys getting any girlfriend, they get ignored like the rest. So, how do you explain this double standard?


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  • I think every human wants a decent looking partner. Everyone has different standards of male/female attractiveness, so what I find attractive might not be attractive to my friends, and vice versa.

    I claim to like shy and introverted guys, because I am that way myself.
    Shyness is about personality, so when girls say they like shy guys they refer to personality. Looks requirements vary, so It is not a double standard.
    For example, I am not looking for Pewdiepie look-alike (whom I personally find the most attractive guy), I just want a guy who works on himself - who thinks, ok, maybe I am not the hottest guy on the planet, but what could I do with my body, how could I become the best of what is given to me naturally? Any man can work on his style, his hair, eat healthier... I hope you get my point.
    Most of girls who like shy guys bare in mind he is probably ,, average guy'' in the eye of the modern society, and they like him that way. I have never heard a shy girl wants Jamie Dorrnan's shy version, but cool guy they like.

    • nah, not really. Just like when women say that "all they want is a nice guy". They're lying to themselves, they don't want a guy who's nice, they just want a super-attractive guy who will treat them right. Same goes with shy guys.

  • We like shy guys and most of the time it has nothing to do with looks but the thing is, they are shy guys! We are not going to walk around with a plaque saying 'ALL shy guys approach!'. If we do happen to know them and date them, it's becuse they are our friends/neighbors/colleagues and what whats.


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