What to do about this guy?

I have been talking to this guy for a whole month now. We have hanged out and he has kissed me and everything. I also already asked him if he liked me or not and he said yes he did. He always texts me first but some days I might text first if he doesn't but I have only done that a couple of times. Well yesterday we texted for a lil bit because he had practice but then he didn't text me afterwards when he usually does. Then today he hasn't even texted me and it kinda worries me. I'm sorry but I tend to freak out over stuff like this because of a really bad past relationship. Is it his way of saying he doesn't like me or is done talking to me? Should I text him or just wait for him to text me? I have no clue what to think or do! Thanks for the advice


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  • I think your problem is you are over thinking the whole thing.. maybe something came up or something who knows.. don't text him you may come across as needy if it were me I would wait for him to text or call but that doesn't mean sitting by your phone waiting and jumping every time it goes off in hopes its him. Just becuz things didn't work out in a past relationship doesn't mean every guy will do the same to you.. if he is truly into you he will call or next if not then its his lost and move on to you find someone that will love you for you. Hope I could help a little.. Good Luck