Just a "summer fling"?

OK so I met this guy when I was on vacation and we really clicked. The night before he had to leave we hung out until like 1 almost 2 AM, with other teenagers my age also, walked on the beach and it was fun. All of us hung out at the pool later and everyone exchanged #'s. He's been texting me like everyday since summer, even during school sometimes[still is]. We've talked about how I wanted him to visit but I doubt he will(then again I'm a pessimist). He said to not worry and he'd make sure we'd see each other again.

Is/was this just a stupid "summer fling" thing?


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  • Huh? If he wants to meet you, and it is no longer summer, then it is not a "summer fling."

    • He said he'd talk to me no matter what, if I wanted, even as just a friend.

    • Trust me, there is only one reason a guy goes out of his way to visit a girl that is far away.

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