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When it come to relationships I never seem to find a balance. I'm either too interested or a spark is just not there. I went out with this girl, we went out twice, we had an amazing first date and a second even better when we got a bit physical. I waited a day and called, she didn't picked up but a minute later texted me. Seemed like she was really into me. But I might have over texted her, not by a huge amount but by a text. I see some potential and I'll like to explore the option but I don't wanted her to think I want to be her whole life. What amount of interest should I show to not scare her away? Should I call or give her some space and wait for her to call?


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  • Just take your time with this, you know when enough is enough and when you should take a break from her. I think at this point contact once a day or maybe every other day is good enough for the time being. It's hard in the beginning sometimes but you have feel her out. If she is only texting you instead of speaking to you via telephone then I would wonder why that is. But other than that, it may be okay. ty-lady!

    • Well I know she was in class at the time. Also I got a bit of an accent I'm form the u.k and its hard to understand each other on the vphon gets frustrating for both of us. I'm happy with the texting and face to face conversation, not much of a phone guy.

    • Gotcha! Hope it works out for the two of you! ty-lady!

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  • Maybe she did not answer the phone because she was sitting on the couch with her boyfriend and did not want him to know she was talking to you.

    Show her the same interest she shows you.

    • No man not like that I know she was in class I'm good friends with her friends, so I got a bit of inside info on this one. We are just at that stage were games are inevitable, and I just don't wnat to sound desperate non dull.