My FWB wants to date again. Should I say yes or no if he asks?

I need some serious advice!


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  • My opinion :

    NO - You have "set the bar" at being a FWB; the like-li-hood that you have a valuable relationship with an FWB is very low. Especially if your last "act" was within the last 6 months.

    To solve possible heartaches / headaches ahead of time - Move on. There is no point in trying for a relationship with someone that you sleep with, without any potential relationship.

    If you feel I am wrong, try it and find out - there is no better experience than suffering (unfortunately).

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  • You haven't given much information so I'm not really sure how to help but I think just really think about what you want and if you think it will work out or not and of course how much you like him.