After 3 months of no contact and a big fight, is it better to call or text?

Like to ask him if he'll meet up and talk with me. Is it more meaningful to call? and if he doesn't answer should I text him and ask him immediately after or wait another week then text and ask?


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  • I haven't talked to my ex girlfriend in 3 months either.. I miss her, and I'd love to hear from her. I don't know if I'd answer a phone call from her, but a text would be nice..

    • Did you guys relationship end badly? And would you agree to meet up and talk with her if she asked you too?

    • It was completely shocking and out of the blue. We were together for several years. I was her first boyfriend, first love, took her virginity.. She wanted to see what else was out there, said we lost our spark and insulted my appearance. I wouldn't say it ended badly. I got her a card thanking her for being a great gf, my best friend, and for the great times, and wished her well.. That was the last I've seen or heard from her. I still love her so much. She hurt me so bad, so I dunno...

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