I'm too scared!!

my boyfriend will do everything except kiss he just hasn't asked he has had many chances to do so but won't do it.

i really don't know y.

he holds my hand but won't interlock fingers

grabs my ass but won't kiss me

HE even said I love you after about a couple days of being boyfriend and girlfriend

he said he wanted to do more than just kiss me but hasn't asked

it not his first kiss and I'm too scared to say can I kiss u.

he got suspended the last time he kissed a girl.who told and said he forced her to do it.

i think he doesn't want to get in trouble and I don't blame him but we will never get anywhere if we don't kiss.

What should I do...please help...i haven't kissed a boy ever

do you think cover girl lip gloss is too sticky for kissing him


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  • girl, just go for it !

    it took me a loonggg time to get over my first kiss

    but once I was in the moment

    i went in. bam. first kiss. lol

    now it doesn't happen as quickly as you read that...

    but anyway no lipgloss--too sticky.

    be courageous and good luck.


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  • theres a thing called risk and reward

    hes already your boyfriend who says he loves you.

    go in for the kiss yourself you you may never get it.

    theres the high reward of ur first kiss. Plus once youve done it once ull be doing it all the time when you both feel how nice it is

    there is next to no risk here and very high reward.

    just do it already

    or you can sit there for another few months hoping it will happen one day.

    choose your fate

    • Thats what my friends say and is lip gloss too stick for a 1st kiss

    • No it not , its nice

      but don't think of it as a first kiss

      think of it as a kiss

What Girls Said 2

  • Go for it. It won't be such a big deal, it'll come naturally.

    Just...don't wear lip gloss. Chapstick is better. :P

  • just go for it

    kiss him

    he won't reject it if he really loves you !

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