First kiss

OK so I'm pretty sure this girl is a little crazy but thought id ask anyway. I had a great first date, conversation was flowing and we laughed a lot. brought her back to her place she invited me in and we talked and she showed me around and had another beer together chit chatting around the house. She said she needed to get to bed and I politely acknowledged gave her a hug and went in for a quick kiss goodnight. She gave me the no no no, take it easy big boy routine. No problem I thought. Since then she has been down right cold to me, told me she wasn't looking for a relationship and didn't want to lead me on? Complete shocker from the way she had been acting before and during the date. I mean my god does going in for a first date kiss, mean I want a instant relationship? Its like she completely turned things on me. She was texting me everyday like! 20 times calling me hun and sweetie and now I'm the forward one for going in for a kiss? weird.. Not sure of my exact question, but thoughts would be cool


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  • I don't know what that is all about either but I can say that a good nite (attempted) kiss should not have stirred up all of that attitude. I would slow it down on her a little, if she text you will have to start playing that holding out game. People always wanna say " I don't lyk it when people play games" but it depends on what level you take it to. Just a little bit of ignoring the texts and phone calls but responding about a half and hour later. Act the same that you always have but just back off of her a little and I bet she will start moving in again then... remind her that you don't want a relationship and just get her into ty-lady!

    • Yeah I do all that playing a little hard to get stuff. It always works and I know when it is being done to me.. This girl just got serious rhymes with itchy attitude with me all of a sudden.. I was iming her the other day and pointed out all the pretty cool and sweet things she did and said to me before she turned cold. I said she was probably a little confused on what she wanted and I was cool with that.. she was like oh you think you can read my mind? she told me to F!! off.. Ummm next! haha

    • Well, no time lost in bothering with her. Move on to bigger and better things!!! Good Luck!

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  • This is really weird.. 0_o

    I think she was being a tease and using you to boost her ego. At the last minute she told you she didn't want to lead you on.. So at least she told you that.

    If she isn't ready for a relationship.. I'd say move on.