How long should I wait before texting him? Help!

So I met this guy on the internet and we met up once at the beginning of the week to chat. Then 3 days later we went on a date for coffee, came back to my place and watched a movie and cuddled. He went out of town the day after, and we had planned to meet up when he gets back, tomorrow.

But I haven't heard from him at all yesterday, or today. No texts, and when I was on MSN it said he was online but he didn't message me.

Is he interested & just playing it cool?

Or is he just having a busy weekend and not thinking about me?

Should I text him today or wait and see if he texts me?

Thanks for the answers!

GUYS please answer this one!
HE TEXTED ME! lol... wow I think I am falling a little too fast for this one.

Better play it cool. :P


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  • Guys are interesting creatures to be sure. I have yet to figure them out. I find that it's best to play hard to get. When I met my boyfriend I was going crazy because he didn't text me until a few days after I gave him my number. He wrote that he wasn't ignoring me he was just busy.

    Sometimes you just have to give them space, but I highly recommend that you don't text him first as it shows that you're still available and doesn't give him the chance to chase you. Oh and when/if he does choose to contact you, DO NOT respond right away, wait at least 20 minutes before responding. This way he'll think that you're busy and you could be out with other guys, sometimes guys need to fear a little competition. While it doesn't apply to all guys, it works with the majority.

    If he doesn't contact you then he's probably not interested. Most of the guys I've met on the internet have never wanted anything more than sex. While that's not the case for all of them, I don't think the internet is a great way to meet somebody. After I gave up my online search and started focusing on everything other than dating, I ended up meeting my boyfriend. So sometimes you just have to look upstairs to meet the guy of your dreams (my boyfriend is also my upstairs neighbor).

    Good luck to you. Just follow your gut instinct.

    • Thanks, intuition. I will wait and see if he texts me. :)

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  • well sometimes the guy is waiting for you to txt maybe he doesn't want to seem like he is crowding you. so go ahead and txt him but remember don 't do this too often or it might seem like your crowding him. so if he doesn't txt back today don't txt him until he txt u.