Call or text?

After 3 months of no contact is it better to call or text to ask him if he'll meet up and talk with me. Is it more meaningful to call? and if he doesn't answer should I text him and ask him immediately after or wait another week then text and ask?


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  • Call him, texting is very informal and more intended for a short "Hey, this movie, this time, meet me there" - not a full blown conversation.

    If he doesn't answer / respond - don't contact him again. He knows you want to be in touch. If you try to persist contacting him you will only push him away, have some patience and take a breath. Then sit back and enjoy the ride =)

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    • Alright thanks for the advice!

    • My pleasure =) Let me know if I can help further

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  • Text him and say: "I want to talk you, when would be a good time to call?"

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